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Dimension Network & Communication (DNC) has been providing reliable and scalable Internet hosting infrastructure solutions with its dedicated servers , managed hosting and colocation services for over a decade. It also provides shared web hosting under the Brighton brand.

At the beginning, DNC originally operated under the "Brighton Technologies Solution" name. It started as a general Internet related services company to later focus on Web Hosting. It is in 2000 and 2001, as a result of mergers and partnerships with specializing in Internet solutions, that DNC reoriented itself towards Internet hosting and server management to make it its specialty.

Today DNC is one of the largest web hosts and Internet hosting infrastructures provider in Hong Kong. It is recognized for the quality of its customer service and its highly competitive prices.

In January 2014, DNC announced the explanation of the additional new 3,000 square feet data center with the capacity to host 1,000 dedicated servers. This new facility brings the total dedicated server capacity of DNC to nearly 3,000 servers.

In Dec 2015, Actions Networks became a strategic partnerships with DNC – a web hosting company, in North American region.

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